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Episode 4: Eli Dourado on think tanks, the Great Stagnation and regulation

I speak to the extremely smart Eli Dourado. Eli is a Senior Research fellow at the Center for Growth and Opportunity at Utah State University. We talk about

  • Do think tanks actually have an impact?

  • Should more companies invest in public policy roles? 

  • What would he do if he could remake American federal regulation?

Listen to it on Spotify here

Episode 5: Mike Bird on journalism, property prices and central banking

Mike is the Asia business and finance editor at The Economist. I talked to him about

  • The biggest flaw of journalists

  • How Hong Kong’s unique government land policy means that no tech companies are there in Hong Kong

  • Why central banks shouldn’t target house prices

  • Why asset price “inflation” is nonsense

  • Why Mike's not an MMTer but would like to see it tried anyways

    Listen to it on Spotify here

Episode 6: Hemanth Bharatha Chakravarthy on India’s political economy, debating and RCTs

Hemantha is a student at Harvard, who is currently working at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He has worked with the India CEA and the RBI. We talk about

  • What makes certain government schemes successful?

  • Does being a debater make you more adversarial?

  • How would he change RCTs?

  • What are the politics of development in Indian states?

  • Why is reform unpopular?

  • What are the incentives in academia for solving the big questions of economics?